Milling Machines in Mobile Cross

Styrofoam Models - Polyurethane Models - Models for Foundry

The TM xxxx P milling machines fit perfectly into the processing of Styrofoam models, largely used in foundries, where you need a good material remove speed and a continuous aspiration of the generated dust. To fill this necessities we can install on this machines two different types of electrical spindles:

– Hollow shaft electrical spindle adaptable for Bornemann tool fitting if you use tools for a continuous aspiration – Solid shaft electrical spindle with HSK A63 adaptor for high clamping chucks and the chance to use slot drills up to a maximum of 32mm, if you use tools without aspiration

All our milling machines are designed individually, on the specific requests and spaces of our costumers.

All the carpentry elements of the structure are internally reinforced with ribs that guarantee an excellent rigidity to the torsion and the bending even in case of sudden changes of direction or motion reverses. Every structure before being processed is normalised in order to avoid potential future deformations.

Our "P" series machines can be equipped with displayed manual two-rotating axles head. The handling of all the axles (X,Y, Z) is allowed by precision sprocket-wheel/rack with grinded and treated teeth and "0" clearance precision gearboxes.

High resolution encoders allow the tally and the position control of all the axles. All our engines for the handling of the linear axles are high-inertia brushless.

The different kind of spindles are chosen on the basis of costumers production needs (with or without aspiration).

Models TM 5000 P TM 6000 P TM 7000 P
X-axis stroke in mm. 5000 6000 7000
Y-axis stroke in mm. 4000 4000 4000
Z-axis stroke in mm. 1500 1500 1500
Overall Length in mm. 8100 9100 10000
Overall Width in mm. 5100 5100 5100
Overall Height in mm. 1500 1500 5500
Angular working space controlled two-rotating head Axis "A" +/- 120° Axis "C" +/ - 220°
Electrical Spindle Power form 4,4 KW. Maximum speed 12000 rpm
Tool Fitting Standard BORNEMANN for tools with aspiration
Standard HSK A63 for tools without aspiration

MODEL TM 7000 P - Click on images to enlarge them.